What lies beneath Cobra-Fitzroy Street intersection??

Like a 3D Rubik’s cube, a complex network of new and upgraded power, gas, water and telecommunication cables is in place underground to facilitate the new traffic lights at the upgraded Cobra Fitzroy intersection.

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders said the utilities criss-cross with new drainage pipes 3.5 metres beneath the ground that will allow for the traffic lights to be switched on before the end of the year.

“The NSW Government is investing $14 million to upgrade this intersection to improve safety and efficiency by replacing the current roundabout with new traffic lights,” Mr Saunders said.

“While it may be difficult to see progress at road level, crews are powering ahead with work underground, replacing mains and pipe networks that have been in place for decades – all while keeping traffic flowing.

“To reduce the impact on road users, some of the work has been carried out overnight, which means crews tasked with breaking back into the underground network every day have had to use temporary infills and large plate covers before traffic picks up each morning.”

Now installed beneath the intersection is 230 metres of electrical conduits, 460 metres of low and high voltage cable ducts, 310 metres of reticulation mains, 90 metres of central distribution mains, 240 metres of medium pressure gas mains, 350 metres of telecommunication conduits, and 350 metres of central road drainage network.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said the engineering team used 3D modelling to help identify the network of cables, pits and connections beneath the road surface.

“This is the first time we have used 3D modelling for road upgrade work in the Central West, and the image of the brightly coloured criss-crossing network of the different services tells the best story,” Mr Toole said.

“We are on the homeward stretch of this intersection upgrade, delivering to Dubbo residents reduced congestion for highway and local traffic.”

1 thought on “What lies beneath Cobra-Fitzroy Street intersection??”

  1. Wow, what a dog’s breakfast of cabling!
    Perhaps the Cobra St/Wheelers Ln intersection won’t be as complex when it is eventually upgraded with traffic lights, as its current roundabout was installed far more recently than the old Fitzroy St shambles.
    Why traffic lights at the Cobra/Wheelers Orana Mall intersection, you ask?
    Have you been there at peak times lately? It’s an accident zone waiting to happen.

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