The first week of December has thrown up its share of amazing weather over the years.

In 2020 we have battled early summer heat blasts, while last year we were dealing with some amazing dust storms.

Back in 2010, however, it was flooding that captured the attention of the city.

This week marks 10 years since Dubbo almost ground to a halt, with the city’s central business district essentially cut off and the Emile Serisier Bridge under water.

This flood event, which resulted in an estimated $13 million being ripped out of businesses, and traffic chaos on both sides of the Macquarie River, proved the catalyst for the “LH Ford Bridge duplication” project, which was subsequently turned into the River Street Bridge project after community consultation on six options developed in conjunction with the local council.

The Serisier Bridge has gone under water six times since it was built in 1987, and each time that has put significant pressure on the L.H Ford Bridge as the only high-level crossing of the river.

Congestion gets no worse than when every car, bus, bike and truck needs to cross one bridge. By providing a second high-level crossing in close proximity to the city we will ensure it doesn’t happen again. That’s why I’m so adamant that River Street Bridge should proceed.

This bridge will allow a local solution to a local problem, while allowing local traffic to get where it needs to go during times of flooding.

A high-level bridge at Troy simply doesn’t solve this issue, as it directs traffic further out of town, puts a flood between that bridge and the city, and makes it a nightmare for local traffic to access Dubbo.

It would also make access to the health and wellbeing precinct being delivered in North Dubbo more difficult.

A bypass is a separate issue that in all likelihood will be needed in the future, however recent reports commissioned by Dubbo Regional Council have been adamant that such a project isn’t necessary at this point in time.

4 thoughts on “THROWBACK THURSDAY: 2010 Dubbo Floods”

  1. Pauline McAllister

    I live west of Dubbo and as someone who had to be in town every morning by 8.30 during the 2010 flood, which meant negotiating the only crossing , it was a daily grind – car queues west back to the railway line all day and east back to Orana Mall. As sure as night follows day it will happen again, and soon. So for God’s sake get the River Street Bridge built. And if it needs a footbridge, which I doubt, considering where it is, just build it.

  2. Dugald I have not been a supporter of the National liberal Party since the Granville disaster. I have lived permanently in Dubbo since 1986. I lived through floods living in Sydney on the Georges River.

    I have long said to myself Troy Bridge is not the answer. That is only making the journey longer. To begin with I was not also in favour of River Street. I suggested the Mitchell Street option. When River Street was announced I kept on looking at the area I also kept on saying yes. I looked at the options of what it would do for North Dubbo.

    We also have the South Dubbo Bridge to look at. The sentimentality of the beauty of the area should have to be put aside. Dubbo is is getting bigger every day.

    Traffic congestion in Dubbo is still only a small issue compared to Sydney back in the 1950’s and 60’s.

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