STATEMENT: Wellington Hospital

I am aware of the concerns of Wellington residents relating to the local hospital, and the availability of medical staff on-site.

I have had several discussions with the Local Health District about the situation, and also with local residents and the local health council, around the best ways to ensure we have the services the town needs.

On October 28, I facilitated a phone conference call so members of the Wellington Health Council could speak directly to the Acting Chief Executive of the Western NSW Local Health District, Mark Spittal.

Mr Spittal listened to all the matters raised by members of the Health Council, and I believe there is a sincere desire and a working plan to ensure those issues can be resolved.

It is my understanding that Mr Spittal will be attending next week’s community meeting in Wellington, and I am advised the Local Health District is implementing a system to ensure a medical presence at the Wellington facility into the future.

The recruitment of doctors to regional areas continues to be an issue, but I will continue to advocate for our region and I’m confident the plans in place for Wellington will see a positive outcome.

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