Statement on Narromine road overtaking lanes

The project to build three overtaking lanes on the Mitchell Highway between Narromine and Dubbo has been delayed.

I am bitterly disappointed to see the timeline for the project has been revised, and work is now expected to start in the first quarter of next year.

The COVID pandemic has delayed everything from weddings to graduations to family reunions – and sadly even government projects are not immune.

COVID shutdowns, as well as higher than average winter rainfall, delays to property acquisition and environmental investigations have all contributed to the overall delay.

Crews have also been diverted to other parts of the Central West to carry out emergency road repairs and complete existing projects.

I know how important these upgrades are for the community. I fought hard to ensure they would happen for every single person that drives this road. I will continue pushing to make sure there are no further delays, and these safety improvements are delivered as soon as possible.

I will continue to keep the community up-to-date on the project’s progress.

Background: The NSW Government committed $30 million to build three new overtaking lanes and carry out safety improvements and widening work along the 36-kilometre section of the Mitchell Highway between Dubbo and Narromine.

New overtaking lanes will be installed eastbound at Tantitha, between High Park Road and Tantitha Road and Lagoon Creek, and on both sides of the Lagoon Creek Bridge at Mylangra, west of Dubbo.

The section of highway 11 kilometres from the outer limits of Narromine to Brummagen Road will also be widened as part of the project.

To gain efficiencies, the overtaking lane development is being completed in conjunction with widening and safety improvement projects to provide the best outcome.

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