Statement on Harvest Leave

After the worst drought in living memory, our region is now set for its second bumper harvest in as many years.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent border closures have made life difficult for our farmers – especially those who rely on interstate or overseas workers to harvest their crops.

I’m delighted the NSW Government is able lend a hand, by giving all 4,500 staff from the Department of Regional NSW – including Local and Services and DPI – access to five days’ special leave to help our farmers.

Nearly 80 percent of staff from the DRNSW live and work in regional NSW – and I know many of them will already know their way around a tractor, truck or header.

This special leave will make it possible for DRNSW staff to get out and about and really make a difference for their communities, and the great news is the cost of their labour is on us!

I really hope we’ll see staff actively seeking out ways to get involved, and fingers crossed for the harvest we need across the region.

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