Statement on COVID-19

I want to commend and thank everyone across the Dubbo region who has come forward to be tested for COVID-19 this morning.

The Western NSW Local Health District has mobilised quickly to establish a drive-through clinic at the Dubbo Showground, and the scenes there this morning demonstrate that the Dubbo community is taking this situation seriously. Police are managing traffic but I would urge motorists to exercise caution when travelling past the showground, and avoid the area if possible.

It is wonderful to see the people of the Dubbo community doing the responsible thing and getting tested. It has been about 400 days since our region had a case of COVID-19, and we are yet to learn if the virus has spread to our community now. I am confident that the people of Dubbo have been practicing good hand hygiene, physical distancing, using QR codes to check-in, and staying home and getting tested if sick. But if we do see an outbreak, then the way we are going to get on top of that is for people to come forward to get tested, so we can identify cases quickly and stop the spread.

The Dubbo Showground drive-through clinic will be open for at least today and tomorrow, from 8am-4pm. Testing is free and no appointment is required.

Please continue to do the right thing, and follow the advice of health authorities. Our community has battled through drought, bushfires, floods and last year’s COVID-19 lockdown. We always come out the other side. We will get through this too.

For more information about exposure sites and testing locations go to or call the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.

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