Skincare company shares the good oil on traditional medicines unlocking jobs in Dubbo

An innovative Orana based skincare company will help restore the local habitat while upscaling its production to meet growing local and export demand for its essential oil products, thanks to the NSW Government’s Regional Job Creation Fund.

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders said a $200,000 grant will help Native Secrets boost production of its essential oils and natural skincare products, creating 10 jobs, including training opportunities for local Indigenous people.

Mr Saunders said Native Secrets will purchase processing equipment including a boiler and oil separator that will boost its in-house capabilities, also saving time and money by reducing the need to send raw products to Sydney for further refining.

“Native Secrets brings together traditional medical practices and essential oils from wild harvest Australian natives to create high quality natural skincare products for the local wholesale and emerging export markets,” Mr Saunders said.

“As part of the production process, Native Secrets uses the invasive White Cypress Pine species to make its oils, removing them from local habitats and supporting the return of native grasslands and animals, which is a great environmental outcome.”

CEO Cherie Thompson said the grant will help Native Secrets quadruple the capacity of its biomass tanks, and bring forward its expansion by at least five years.

“Being a local girl and now being able to create local jobs and opportunities, especially for the Indigenous people in the community, bringing people together back on country, that means a lot,” Mrs Thompson said.

“And really just bringing back our environment to the way that it was – the wattle has come back, the eucalypts have come back and you can hear the birds again!”

The $130 million Regional Job Creation Fund supports eligible businesses with grants to purchase new equipment, expand facilities, acquire technology, create new production lines or establish businesses in regional NSW. The fund aims to create more than 6,500 new direct jobs in regional NSW.

Round one of the Regional Job Creation Fund has now closed. A second round will open in early 2022. For more information, go to:

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