Scholarships open for aspiring school mental health workers

The NSW Government is continuing to prioritise student wellbeing by ensuring a strong pipeline of qualified mental health professionals in our schools.

The impacts of drought and COVID-19 have played out within our school communities, making mental health a key challenge facing young people across the region.

To support students through these challenges, over 80 scholarships will be handed out this year to encourage aspiring counsellors and graduate psychologists to choose a rewarding career within the school counselling service.

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders said the scholarships are a great way to attract graduates and encourage existing teachers to train as mental health professionals and support students.

“Choosing a rewarding career as a school counsellor or psychologist means you will have an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on students’ lives,” he said.

“It’s so important that mental health professionals work collaboratively with teachers, families, school leaders and the wider community to help create that supportive learning environment our students need.”

There are three scholarships on offer, including; a training program for teachers to become a school counsellor; a program for psychology graduates to gain experience in schools; and a rural scholarship program for participants with an existing psychology qualification to work in rural and remote schools while completing their masters.

This year is the first year the NSW Department of Education will have graduates completing a rural training pathway for school psychologists.

Information and application details for the school counsellor and school psychologist scholarship program are on the NSW Department of Education website at:

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