Saunders congratulates Australia Day award recipients

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders has congratulated those in the region who were presented Australia Day awards.

Mr Saunders attended events in Dubbo and Wellington and while this year’s celebrations were different to normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he said the recognition of community-minded people showed what makes Australia such a great place to live.

“Everyone who was given an Australia Day award received it because they have given so much of themselves to their communities,” Mr Saunders said.

“We’ve seen during the pandemic that we have amazing resilience in our part of the world but that is because we have amazing people, and I think everyone who was recognised on Austalia Day should be proud that their work has been noticed within their communities.”

Award recipients were:


Citizen of the Year – Terry Clark

Young Citizen of the Year – Alex Boney

Senior Citizen of the Year – David Pattinson

Cultural Person of the Year – Kellie Jennar

Young Sportsperson of the Year – Isabelle Russell

Service to Sport Award – David Wrigley


Citizen of the Year – Gay Bennison

Senior Citizen of the Year – Rod Althofer

Community Service Awards – Garry Meisch and Corey Sutherland

Young Sportsperson of the Year – Daniel Mezes


Citizen of the Year – Dr Alex Ghanem and Dr Gary Moore

Young Citizen of the Year – Max Beechy

Community Event of the Year – Kandos Street Machine and Hot Rod Show

Glen Johnston Memorial Award, Music and Arts – Des Kelly

Sports Award – Charlotte Wilson

Volunteer Services Award – Ellen Riley

Wall of Reflections – Michael Chapman, Heath Gay, William Knowles, Geoff Pitt, Michael Preston, and Kevin Robson


Citizen of the Year – Carolyn Egan

Senior Sports Award – Christine Cooper

Junior Sports Award – Eloisa Purtell


Citizens of the Year – Cathy Gillespie and Ian Hilder

Senior Citizen of the Year – Lyn McAnally

Senior Sportsperson of the Year – Madeleine Bretag

Junior Sportsperson of the Year – patrick Burns

Childrens Champion Award – Zalia Terry

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