Return of community sport gets one step closer

Four-ball competitions will resume at the Dubbo Golf Club tomorrow (Saturday 16 May) as today’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions brings the return of community sport one step closer.

Outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people are now permitted, meaning golfers can now move around the course in groups of four – rather than pairs – for the first time since COVID-19 restriction began.

Member for the Dubbo Electorate Dugald Saunders visited the club for Ladies Day on Thursday, to hear from members how the outdoor activity has benefited their mental health during the pandemic.

“Being out and about with other people is a really important thing for human beings to do,” Mr Saunders said.

“For Dubbo Golf Club to be able to do this, and also encourage players from clubs in surrounding towns, where they may not be back and running as of yet, is a really good thing.

“It obviously has to be done within reason, so travelling in pairs or in family groups, but where it can be done with the Public Health Orders I think that can be a really good thing.”

Mr Saunders hoped to see other sports embrace the relaxing restrictions as well.

“There are definitely opportunities for sports like tennis, for example, which had one-on-one coaching allowed back,” he said.

“Now with the relaxing of the public health rules, gatherings of 10 people outdoors would include being able to play doubles and singles socially with tennis.

“All of the distancing would need to be maintained, but I’m confident that both the clubs and the players will be happy to take that responsibility on if it means getting back on the court.”

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