Regional Sports Hub master plan unveiled

Plans for the Dubbo Regional Sports Hub have been unveiled to the city’s sporting community.

The NSW Government’s plans for the precinct were released on Tuesday evening during a consultation session with the Dubbo Sports Council.

The session was hosted by the group responsible for delivery of the first stage of the project, the Dubbo Indoor Multi Sport Facility.

The group, comprised of the NSW Office of Sport, Department of Regional NSW, PCYC and Charles Sturt University, shared the NSW Government’s plans to develop the Charles Sturt University land into a Regional Sports Hub incorporating sporting facilities that will support a wide range of sports.

Stage 1 of the project involves the construction of a $23.3 million Indoor Multi Sport Facility that will feature a PCYC, basketball, gymnastics, indoor hockey and tennis courts, providing an all-weather venue for the region’s sporting talent.

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders welcomed the latest milestone in the project, which is quickly gathering momentum.

“Dubbo is the geographic centre of NSW and the capital of western NSW and it is appropriate that the region has a major sports hub to develop our significant quantity of sporting talent,” he said.

“The release of the Master Plan for the Dubbo Regional Sports Hub is an exciting milestone for the region’s sporting community and it is important that for a project that will be of benefit to so many sports that we were able to present the master plan to them and seek feedback.

“We look forward to working with the local community to deliver a facility that will increase participation in sport.

“Last November I announced $10 million in funding for this project from a drought stimulus fund designed to boost regional areas, and I am proud to say that we have had a local firm, Barnson Pty Ltd, already engaged in surveying and site review work on the project and that is important also.”

Mr Saunders said community groups and state sporting organisations will help inform the design of the facility and future stages of the Dubbo Sport Hub Precinct.

“Local input is vital to ensure the facility meets community needs,” Mr Saunders said.

“The ability to cater for large scale events that bring sports tourism to the Dubbo community will also be a major consideration in the venue’s design.”

“It’s fantastic to see the project really starting to gather momentum, with design planning for the Indoor Multi Sport Facility anticipated to commence in the coming weeks.”

9 thoughts on “Regional Sports Hub master plan unveiled”

  1. Dear Dugald,
    Are there any plans for squash courts in this complex?
    Dubbo was the proud “owner” at one stage of at least 16 courts in the city, now there are only 2 at the RSL and the management of the RSL seem to be reluctant to help the sport survive. Squash is an all weather sport throughout the year. Currently 2 x Squash clubs exist using these 2 courts and there are at least 10-20 juniors who have lessons and coaching on Friday afternoons.
    Dubbo at one stage held state ranked tournaments for junior and senior players with at least 100-150 players attending coming from all over the state and occasionally interstate. Now that the RSL has taken away 2 of their courts and turned them into gymnasium (which is not used very often) these tournaments now have to be played at Parkes or Narromine where there are more courts available. Because of this situation Dubbo is missing out on tourism dollars as well as the ability to nurture future players.
    I look forward to your response.
    Colin Sneesby (Dubbo)

  2. Great stuff. Is there chance we can get a greater idea of the individual space within the Centre. Will any area be available for Private businessess that are local to run their facilities from within the facility.
    Well done. I take it the old PCYC become part of the States sale for further Development of the City.

  3. Hi Dugald,
    Has parking and drop off bays for buses/coaches been allocated? As I am sure there will be schools using the facilities and perhaps out of town teams arriving by coach/bus as well.

  4. Hi Dugald,
    I have a few questions.
    1) As the full cost of the project is $44.3M and the state government (with the sale of the PCYC building) only have $21.3M, where are you going to get the rest of the funding for it since the Federal Government have already turned down two requests to fund the rest of the project?
    2) Why are showing plans for the sports hub on CSU land when the CSU Vice Chancellor declared they weren’t going to sell any land for the sporting precinct (22.06.20 Daily Liberal)
    3) As this land is in the 1 in 100 flood plain and the ‘sporting hub’ would be under water in anything other than a minor flood, isn’t there are a better place to put the hub like out past Sheraton Road.
    4) The plans for the proposed River St Bridge have added 2 cycling tracks on either side with no safety barrier separate them from the trucks. How are you going to feel when cyclists (and pedestrians using the cycling lanes) are killed?

    1. Hi Karina,

      When the project was announced, it was framed as a $44.3 million project. For a variety of reasons, things have changed. However Stage 1 is now $23.3 million and will incorporate a PCYC, multiple indoor courts and a tennis facility. That money is locked away and the project is happening. What future stages look like, how much they cost, is unknown and will depend on what sports wish to be involved and how they can fit in with the master plan.

      CSU has been actively involved in the process from the start and are involved with the Project Control Group that are overseeing things. They are firmly committed to the project and the use of their land.

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