Red tape slashed as homes go up in record time

Four much-needed new family homes in Dubbo have been delivered six months ahead of standard build time, helping those in need get a roof over their head faster.

Despite COVID-19 shutdown hurdles, it took just over 12 months to go from plans on paper to keys in doors – all thanks to the NSW Government’s Medium Density Housing Program, which is speeding up new social housing delivery across NSW.

It follows the recent completion of two social housing complexes that delivered 22 units along Jubilee and Short Streets in Dubbo.

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders said the new housing on Braun and Dalton Streets in Dubbo would provide modern housing for four families in need.

“There is strong demand across NSW for new homes in regional areas, which is one of the reasons why the program was developed, with some great success already in areas such as Grafton, Griffith and Casino,” Mr Saunders said. 

“The program benefits local businesses and creates jobs, vital for economic recovery in regional NSW, all while delivering housing for the community much more quickly.”

The program is set to deliver an extra 170 new homes across NSW in less than two and a half years – mostly in regional areas – which will see around more than 400 residents housed, while creating around 300 new jobs.

Minister for Homes Anthony Roberts said the project demonstrated the Government’s commitment to the social housing delivery pipeline.

“Our recent commitment of $183 million towards more social housing shows the NSW Government is focused on fast-tracking the delivery of more homes for people in need,” Mr Roberts said.

“In the past 12 months alone we’ve increased the number of social housing properties in NSW by 10 per cent to almost 155,000, in partnership with the community housing sector and private industry.”

To hear more about how the NSW Government is investing in social housing in Regional NSW

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  1. Can you please address the fact that despite the social housing ‘list’ being more than 10 years long, why there are so many of these home in Dubbo that are unoccupied? I realise that a lot of them need upgrading but some have been boarded up for months.

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