Mural paints a picture of our native species

Visitors to Dubbo will get an up-close perspective on local threatened species thanks to a magnificent five-panel mural just completed on the wall of the Dubbo Visitor Information Centre.

Member for Dubbo Dugald Saunders said the mural was commissioned by the NSW Government as part of the Saving Our Species program.

“This 22-metre mural – painted by local artist Gill Pedrana for our local community – celebrates the endangered plant and animal species that call Dubbo home, and is a great addition to our local streetscape,” Mr Saunders said.

Team Leader Ecosystems and Threatened Species David Walker said the idea was to highlight some of the endangered flora and fauna that call the region home, and the importance of conservation areas like the Goonoo State Conservation Area for providing a safe home for them.

“The stunning visual display featuring five plant species and five animal species including malleefowl, glossy black cockatoo and regent honeyeater, is the work of local artist Gill Pedrana,” he said.

“We wanted to encourage visitors and locals alike to learn more about threatened species conservation and Dubbo Regional Council were pleased to come on board providing the perfect canvas.”

Dubbo artist Gill Pedrana said Goonoo is a magical place, providing a protected habitat for all of the ten threatened plants and animals depicted in the artwork.

“I have been concerned about the impact of introduced species that have become pests, preying upon our native fauna and competing with them for food and shelter, and eating and trampling our flora, so I have been painting that theme for several years,” Ms Pedrana said. 

“So, it is just a further step to celebrate the beauty and charm of our native plants and animals.  As well, human beings are having an impact on our flora and fauna, for example with the clearing of old hollow-bearing trees.  Two of the species I am depicting in the mural, the Squirrel Glider and the Glossy Black-Cockatoo, must be able to find hollows to raise their young.”

Mayor of the Dubbo Region, Ben Shields said “I congratulate the local staff from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment who came up with the idea of championing some of our native flora and fauna and our local artist Gill Pedrana who has made it into a reality. I have been eagerly following the progress of the mural and it is a fantastic addition to our Visitor Information Centre. I would encourage everyone to go along and see it.”

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