Judge’s tower to be upgraded at Trangie Racecourse

The judge’s tower at Trangie Racecourse will be brought up to the appropriate standard, thanks to $18,524 worth of funding provided through the NSW Government’s Crown Reserve Improvement Fund.

The town hosts two race meetings a year, and Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders said those events bring community together and provide a vital part of the region’s social calendar.

“Crowds flock to the Trangie for the races but it is important that while a good show is put on, the facilities are safe and provide a level of comfort for the people involved in make sure the event happens,” Mr Saunders said.

“In a lot of cases, Crown Reserves are areas where communities come together for recreation and that is why this fund is so important. It helps us, as a government, to help the groups that look after these facilities and maintain them to a suitable standard.”

Narromine Shire Council mayor Craig Davies welcomed the funding, adding that the project will not only help those that attend the meeting but will stimulate local business.

“We have a Trangie-based contractor on standby to do this project, which is great because it helps us spend the money locally and keep stimulating the local economy,” he said.

“In our smaller communities, the local racecourse and showground is a place where people flock to for events but we need to ensure we keep renewing the infrastructure to make these venues as viable as possible.”

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