Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders with members of the Trangie Amateur Swimming Club in front of in in the pool at the Trangie Aquatic Centre.

Helping Trangie locals to make a splash!

A project to improve access to the Trangie Aquatic Centre has received a major boost, with the NSW Government committing a further $195,657 to the development.

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders has today announced not one but two additional grants for the Trangie Amateur Swimming Club: $50,000 from the Community Building Partnerships (CBP) program, and $145,657 from the Stronger Country Communities Fund (SCCF).

“Water lovers at Trangie aren’t able to take full advantage of the local pool because the water has been too cold,” Mr Saunders said.

“That means less time for local children to learn to swim, train and just have fun, and the elderly and those with a disability have less access to valuable water-based therapies.”

With the support of a $15,000 Local Sport Grant, the club has already installed a solar blanket. Stage 2 of the project will include the purchase and installation of two 58kw heat pumps, made possible through the CBP program. The SCCF grant will enable the club to install solar panels to offset the cost of running the heat pumps, and support the development of a masterplan for the precinct.

Trangie Amateur Swim Club secretary Neroli Brennan said the upgrades will help more young children across the district learn to swim.

“We’re hoping this creates that opportunity where we can get kids in at an earlier age and for a longer period of the season, so they’ll be really confident by the time they’re finished,” she said.

“For our broader community, it’s going to allow us to have some of our elderly participate in sport that’s not so hard on their bodies and allow them to enjoy themselves as well!”

“The Trangie pool really provides a safe place for people to be physically fit and mix with their community, and I commend the Trangie Amateur Swimming Club on their determination to improve the facility for everyone,” Mr Saunders said.

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