Help shape the future of the Central West

Communities across the Central West and Orana are being invited to help shape the region’s future by giving feedback on the NSW Government’s draft plan to support housing, jobs and investment in the region over 20 year.

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders said the Central West and Orana Regional Plan 2041 sets out strategies to guide development in the region’s 19 local government areas including Dubbo, Mid-Western, and Narromine.

“Dubbo is the heart of the Central West and Orana region, and it’s important we get the community’s feedback on this plan to facilitate more housing and investment, while preserving the environment as the region’s population grows,” Mr Saunders said.

“The plan sets out strategies to unlock accommodation for workers, so we can capitalise on opportunities like the Renewable Energy Zone, and projects like Inland Rail to continue to attract jobs and new families to the area.

“We are already financially supporting Dubbo Regional Council, Mid-Western Regional Council, and Narromine Council on a number of tourism, hospitality and liveability projects, and we want feedback on other ways we can increase tourism and support entertainment and hospitality around the entire region.”

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes said the draft plan was being updated every five years to reflect the changing nature of the Central West and Orana region.

“We released the first Central West and Orana Regional Plan in 2017 and we are updating it to reflect post-COVID migration and the growing renewables and resource sectors and their impact on natural assets like water,” Mr Stokes said.

“The region is set to soar with $12.6 billion in public and private investment in major infrastructure projects like renewables, and the plan lays out strategies for how the region will accommodate for new families and different types of business.

“As the resource sector continues to grow, the plan includes measures for industry to use water more efficiently to reduce impact on other water users and the environment.”

The draft Central West and Orana Regional Plan is underpinned by 22 objectives which will be achieved through actions and strategies delivered by local and State governments.

To read the draft plan and have your say by Friday, 18 February 2022 visit

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  1. Cold and raining here in Dubbo this week. Don’t think all those solar panels shown above will do much good. Build coal or nuclear if serious on reliable energy. Oh, hydrogen! Here’s what Professor Ian Plimer says on that innovation. “Here they come again for your money. Firstly, it was wind, then it was solar. Now they’ve put the two together and it’s hydrogen. And what they’re trying to do is to skin us alive forever.

    “Let me say a few things for an illiterate politician. You need electricity to make hydrogen and you have losses when you do that. And then with the hydrogen, you need to make electricity, again you have losses. And so, you get about 30% of the energy by that process, the rest gets dispersed. Unless legislation can change the laws of thermodynamics, you are in a loss, loss, loss situation. Loss because we taxpayers get skinned alive, loss because we redistribute energy and loss because we cannot replace that energy.”

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