Extended mental health support for residents of the electorate

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders is encouraging people in the community to put their hand up for help if they are struggling, with more mental health support available than ever before. 

An extra 57 Ongoing Response and Recovery Specialists will provide counselling and other services as part of the NSW Government’s investment in mental health support.

“The great thing is that the counsellors are members of our community, so they are ideally placed to provide local insight, as well as helping individuals and families access further mental health support close to home,” Mr Saunders said.

“We know that it’s not always easy to seek help, but these counsellors will be able to come to the home, the farm or even the local cafe to encourage anyone doing it tough to take the first step to getting help.”

Minister for Mental Health Bronnie Taylor said the Response and Recovery Specialists would ensure quality services are available at all times.

“When the unprecedented drought and bushfires were crippling our state, these counsellors were there to support communities and now they’re on hand to help those affected by other disasters like the mouse plague too.” Mrs Taylor said.

“The best thing about these extra specialists across the state is people don’t need to go to their GP to be referred. They can access them through the mental health line or other local services.”

Response and Recovery Specialists can be contacted in person at selected community events or by calling the NSW Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511.

The $36.4m package for Response and Recovery Specialists will be included in the 2021-22 NSW Budget.

1 thought on “Extended mental health support for residents of the electorate”

  1. Donald, great to see more funding for.menysl and physically challenged Australians, plus more fund activity for our aged care facilities. Sadly it is apparent that, with corporate private management in these areas and the channelling off exorbitant funds for “management, fees, salaries and expensrs: surely the whole allocated funding process would benefit enormously- and politically – from the government appointing some permanent teams of totally independent auditors regularly (say bi annually) checking the actual recorded expenditure of those funds at each facility acquiring them? There are so many reported cases of monies NOT bring used for their allocated purpose, especially in the area of private aged care facilities, where staff and tr asoning levels plus anti covid protection equipment have been virtually non existent or woefully short of the most basic requirements. Let’s start opening up where the money actually goes and keep the corporation’s honest (If that is possible!).
    Mike Elliott, Mudgee

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