Dubbo Youth Koori Court

Today marked the ceremonial opening of the Dubbo Youth Koori Court, which began its operations in March 2023. This significant milestone marks the culmination of efforts made possible by the funding provided by the previous NSW Liberal and Nationals Government.

Dubbo is the first regional location for the Youth Koori Court, following its successful operation in Sydney and Paramatta since 2015.

Since its inception, the Dubbo Youth Koori Court has already proven to be an essential pillar of our justice system, offering culturally sensitive and tailored approaches to address the unique needs and challenges faced by Indigenous youth in the legal process. The court’s restorative justice practices and emphasis on cultural values foster a more empathetic and inclusive environment, ensuring fair representation and access to justice for all.

The NSW Liberal and Nationals Government invested $5.8 million over four years to expand the Youth Koori Court to Dubbo, and also to provide more funding for Aboriginal Legal Services, Legal Aid NSW, and a specialist Children’s Magistrate to oversee the Youth Koori Courts.

I am proud to have been part of the government that allocated the necessary funds for this crucial project in the 2022/23 Budget. This court’s operation is a testament to the ongoing commitment to reconciliation and healing, supporting the growth and empowerment of our Indigenous communities.

I look forward to witnessing the positive impact the Youth Koori Court will have on the lives of those it serves, and I remain committed to supporting initiatives like this that contribute to positive change and social cohesion within the Dubbo electorate.

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