Dubbo artist giving the landscape a voice

Important conversations about the Macquarie Marshes will be amplified, with a Dubbo artist receiving $16,730 from the NSW Government for an innovative project.

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders said artist Kim V. Goldsmith received funding from the Arts and Cultural Funding Program to finalise Mosses + Marshes in Conversation.

“Kim uses digital mediums and sensory elements to explore our response to, and interaction with, natural environments,” Mr Saunders said.

“Her most recent project has seen her documenting the internationally-significant Macquarie Marshes, using some very innovative techniques to capture the ‘voice’ of the landscape.”

Ms Goldsmith is involved in a two-year international collaboration Mosses + Marshes. Mr Saunders said this funding will support additional public engagement including a photo essay book, and an Australian-UK panel event in partnership with Dubbo Regional Council, as well as events within communities of the Marshes and wider catchment.

“Kim’s previous work in the eco-art space has been spectacular, and I can’t wait to see, hear and no doubt feel Mosses + Marshes in Conversation,” Mr Saunders said.

Ms Goldsmith said artists can bring a different perspective on issues facing landscapes like the Macquarie Marshes.

“I’ve been able to, using technology, show a hidden part of the marshes that even those who have grown up there have never heard,” she said.

“You can hear the inside of a Coolabah tree. You can hear plants photosynthesising underwater in the afternoon sun. It gives a voice to the landscape and that’s something I’m really passionate about – often the missing voice is the voice of the landscape itself.”

For further information on arts and cultural funding, including targeted support opportunities, visit the Create NSW website at www.create.nsw.gov.au

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