Dine And Discover injects more than $2 million into electorate economy

More than $2 million has been pumped into the coffers of local businesses as a result of the NSW Government’s popular Dine & Discover program.

Data from the Department of Customer Service has shown the success of the rollout, which provided four $25 vouchers to every adult in NSW in an attempt to stimulate the economy in the wake of shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two of the vouchers were for use in hospitality venues, while the other two were for events and/or experiences.

As of June 10 there had been 61,691 vouchers redeemed in the Dubbo electorate. Of those, 43,312 vouchers had been redeemed in Dubbo itself for an overall spend of $1,484,629 and an average customer spend of $34.28.

“The benefits of Dine & Discover are there for everyone to see,” Mr Saunders said.

“We’ve given people a way of enjoying a couple of cheap meals, and an incentive to get out and visit some of the wonderful attractions we have in the region. The figures also show people are using the vouchers as a subsidy towards something of a greater cost, rather than just spending the $25 available.

“We have definitely helped a large number of hospitality and tourism businesses get back on their feet, not only financially, but as key employers who provide jobs for so many people.”

The NSW Government recently announced the program will be extended through to July 31, rather than the initial cut-off date of June 30, in an attempt to promote further use of vouchers through the upcoming school holiday period.


  • Mudgee: 12,429 vouchers redeemed for a total spend of $407,208 (avg spend $32.76)
  • Wellington: 2883 vouchers redeemed for a total spend of $96,215 (avg spend $33.37)
  • Gulgong: 1949 vouchers redeemed for a total spend of $68,700 (avg spend $35.25)
  • Narromine: 1118 vouchers redeemed for a total spend of $32,653 (avg spend $29.21)

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