Dine and Discover and mouse plague

I’d like to thank the community of Dubbo for its response to the COVID-19 scare that was sent our way last week.

Through no fault of our own, our community was given a scare as a result of people travelling through the city and subsequenly being found to have the virus.

But as we have done through drought and last year’s COVID restrictions, we rallied and through listening to the advice of experts and getting tested in large numbers, it seems we have dodged a bullet.

At the time of writing this column, we have had no positve test results. which is great news. But the scare is a timley reminder that we can’t get complacent, we need to keep up hand sanitising and checking in with QR codes, and if you’re eligble for a vaccine, please register.

Thanks to the Dubbo community, and thanks to the businesses, who were linked to the infected couple for the wonderful work they did in providing the relevant information to NSW Health in a timely manner.


It was great to annoubce during the week that the highly popular Dine and Discover program has been extended for a month, and will now end on July 31.

Dine and Discover has out fir $25 vouchers, two for dining and two for events, into the pockets of every adult in NSW, and there are still a large number of people with vouchers to use.

With the school holidays coming up. having an extra month to use the vouchers gives everyone a chance to get out and about and help our businesses with their COVID recovery.

A list of eligible businesses, where vouchers can be redeemed, can be found by visiting the Service NSW website and entering your postcode.


Farmers batting the mouse plague will be able to claim up to $10, 000 as part of a $100 million expansion of the NSW Government Mouse Control Program.

Primary producers experiencing financial hardship as a result of the plague will be able to apply for rebates for the purchase of the zinc phosphide.

We’re also working to ensure there is adequate supply by investing $5 million to assist with the cost of transporting the active ingredient to Australia.

The Department of Regional NSW will work with industry stakeholders to develop the rebate framework. including eligibility criteria and the process for applying.

The $100 million program is on top of the $50 million package designed for households and small businesses, which was announced last month.

Applications for that program will open on July 1, with more information to come on the new package as it becomes available.


Until next week, Dugald.

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