‘Digital Dubbo’ in the top 10 for licence downloads

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders has praised the people of Dubbo for supporting the digital driver’s licence program, with the city listed in the top 10 for uptake in NSW.

More than three million drivers in NSW have downloaded the technology, which equates to about 53 per cent of all licence holders.

In the 2830 postcode 14,645 people have downloaded the digital version of their driver’s licence, placing the city seventh in all of NSW and second in regional NSW, trailing only Port Macquarie (15,896).

“Dubbo was one of the pilot locations for the program, and from there it has rolled out across NSW,” Mr Saunders said.

“It is great that people have really supported the concept, because it is designed to make people’s lives that little bit easier.

“I’ve had feedback from people who have needed identification but may not have had their physical licence with them. They have been able to go onto their phone, open the Service NSW app and use the digital licence.”

The digital driver’s licence provides a convenient, digital alternative to carrying a plastic card and is available to all NSW driver licence holders at no additional cost.

It is hosted securely on the Service NSW app which locks with a PIN and can be accessed offline. It provides additional levels of security and protection against identity fraud, compared to the plastic driver licence.

The NSW Government is working to digitise more licences and IDs with a trial of a digital photo card completed in March, while the digitisation of all trade licences began with the digital white card in April.

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