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Councils given more time to apply for Fixing Local Roads funding

Applications for round three of the NSW Government’s $500 million Fixing Local Roads Program, which is helping regional councils repair, maintain and seal priority local roads in their communities, have now been extended.

Member for the Dubbo electorate Dugald Saunders said councils now have until July 16 to apply for funding to help them fix local roads and support thousands of jobs.

The $500 million program received an additional injection of $191 million from the Federal Government, and Mr Saunders said it demonstrates the NSW Government’s commitment to building a safer, stronger road network in the regions.

“Our local councils have a mammoth task in providing for their communities and maintaining their infrastructure,” he said.

“That’s why Fixing Local Roads is so important – it’s giving councils a helping hand to address their maintenance backlog and repair, maintain or seal the local roads that really matter to their communities.”

In round three, councils will be able to apply for up to $3 million for a single road project and up to $1 million for packages of small road projects. 

All successful projects will be completed within two years to ensure local communities see the benefits as quickly as possible.

Information for councils on how to apply for funding, as well as the Program Guidelines for Round 3 of the Fixing Local Roads Program can be found on the Fixing Local Roads Program webpage nswroads.work/fixinglocalroads.

4 thoughts on “Councils given more time to apply for Fixing Local Roads funding”

    1. Dugald Saunders

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the email. In the recent budget there was $131.5 million announced for this financial year as part of a $2 billion project to progress the duplication of 34 kilometres of the Great Western Highway Upgrade from Katoomba to Lithgow, including investigation of an 11 kilometre road tunnel from Blackheath to Little Hartley. It will take time but the government is working on fixing the trip through the mountains.


  1. With both the Coolbaggie and Terraview Roads like so many other regional unsealed roads. I want to address these two particular roads in my area that are affected for the below reasons.

    The Coolbaggie Road which has considerable traffic on it. Large trucks , cars travelling at speed. I also use this road to access several of my paddocks which come off it, so travel on it daily. There are pot holes a foot deep in it with some of these going right across the road, posing a s mentioned a significant traffic hazard with the speed the traffic goes along it.

    The Terraview Road is the same and besides ourselves and other families that uses this to travel to Dubbo for work/shopping, it is used also by stock transport, other large trucks, other through traffic, school bus and mail.

    These roads are an absolute disgrace and an accident waiting to happen. They are in need of building. up as they are lower than the sides of the road. They have just been graded for years now making them lower causing these problems in the first place. The quicker these problems are resolved before an accident happens, the better.

    Thank you,
    Phillip Tink

    1. Dugald Saunders

      Hi Phillip,
      Thanks for getting in touch about these roads. It’s up to council to put these roads forward for funding however I will be sure to discuss them with council at one of my future meetings.


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