BUDGET 2020: Transport investment to turbocharge the Dubbo electorate

The NSW Government’s unprecedented investment in the 2020-21 Budget will benefit the Dubbo Electorate with safer roads, more efficient freight networks, better connections and a major boost in local jobs.

Member for the Dubbo Electorate Dugald Saunders said the Government’s record $33 billion transport budget will drive projects that will serve future generations for years to come. 

“We’re delivering more for the people of the Dubbo electorate than ever before, and we’re doing it as fast as we can,” Mr Saunders said.

“We’re building a better NSW by turbocharging funding for the projects communities need now and accelerating the big infrastructure that will support future growth.”

In this year’s NSW Budget nearly every major highway is seeing investment that will deliver safer journeys, improved productivity and boost jobs – that includes $6 million for the first stage of overtaking lanes on the Mitchell Highway between Dubbo and Narromine

Mr Saunders said major motorways aren’t the only roadways receiving attention.

“Our region will also benefit from a share in accelerated funding for Fixing Local Roads with a total of $312 million to repair, maintain and seal the roads our communities use every day across NSW,” he said.

“This program recently funded works for Aarons Pass Road and Mebul Road in the Mid-Western Regional Council area, as well as several projects in the Dubbo region including Old Mendooran Road and the roundabout at Wheelers Lane and Keswick Parkway.”

This year’s Budget also accelerates $108 million towards the Fixing Country Bridges program to replace old timber bridges. “These investments and projects will not only make journeys safer, faster and more reliable – they will also create and support thousands of jobs as part of the NSW Government’s plan for a prosperous, post-pandemic economy,” Mr Saunders said.

2 thoughts on “BUDGET 2020: Transport investment to turbocharge the Dubbo electorate”

  1. Aaron’s pass road was upgraded for the wind turbines. I live in an area where the school bus if full. Where I purchased my home because my road was on the tarring list (20years ago) when the tarring program restarted my road CYPRESS DR YARRAWONGA should be a priority . Just because this road doesn’t go to a mine or another facility ( probably not even owed by Australians) means we are not a priority. Why ??

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Aaron’s Pass Road was funded through the Fixing Local Roads Program, which operates through councils applying for funding for projects they have identified as priorities.
      If work is needed for Cypress Drive, which is a local government road, Mid-Western Regional Council needs to either fund the work themselves or apply for government funding.


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