Biosecurity billboards banged in across NSW wine regions

Wine grape growers have a new line of defence against serious pests and diseases with 65 biosecurity billboards installed across the state thanks to an investment from the former NSW Liberal and Nationals Government.

The new high visibility signs remind visitors to do their part to keep vineyards free of threats like phylloxera.

Leader of the NSW Nationals Dugald Saunders said further investment is needed in biosecurity to protect our primary industries.

“If you are travelling through one of our wine regions you won’t be able to miss these biosecurity billboards, that alert all visitors not to bring in any unwanted pests,” Mr Saunders said.

“The Liberals and Nationals committed $1 billion in the 2022-23 budget for biosecurity because we are acutely aware of the multiple threats bearing down on our agriculture sector.”

“NSW is already dealing with major incursions like Varroa Mite in bees and White Spot in our prawns, but we have had radio silence from Agriculture Minister Tara Moriarty on how she plans to keep our food and fibre safe”.

Andrew Margan from Margan Wines says the billboards will tell people what they can do to help maintain our thriving $14 billion wine grape sector.

“The Hunter Valley is home to some of the world’s oldest root stock, after France lost a lot of its vines due to phylloxera in the 1800s”, Mr Margan said.

“Historically we have been able to keep the Hunter region phylloxera free and that is so important because it’s not just helping Australia’s wine industry, but wine regions right across the globe.”

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